Life HEROTile Mid-Term Conference

22nd June, Nice, France

On  June 22nd, in Nice, within the framework of the Annual Congress of Tiles and Bricks Europe (TBE), there was the Mid-Term Conference of Life HEROTile, during which the partners presented the progress of the project to the members of TBE and other stakeholders.

The Conference took place in Nice, in the charming venue of Hotel le Royal in Promenade des Anglais.

The Conference started with a welcoming speech by Renauld Batier, Director General of Cerame-Unie; it then continued with the presentation of the project by the Coordinator Mario Cunial, from Industrie Cotto Possagno, by Christian Pohl, Director at Monier Technical Centre Germany and UK, and by Fernando Cuogo, from Terreal Italia (the three industrial partners in the project).

In the second part of the conference there was a discussion with the representatives of organizations which could benefit from the best practices of Life Herotile: Isabelle Dorgeret, Director General of the French Federation of Tiles and Bricks, Pierre Jonnard, President of French Federation of tiles and bricks and representative of Promotoit Europe, an association whose main mission is to promote the pitched roofs, and Marco Corradi, both a partner in the project through ACER Reggio Emilia and a representative of Housing Europe.

Aroung 40 people attended the conference showing great interest in the innovative optimized tiles developed by the project that allow to improve the energy efficiency of buildings thanks to the enhanced above sheathing ventilation.