LIFE-HeroTile at SAIE 2018

18th October, Bologna, Italy

On Thursday 18th October, the workshop dedicated to the innovative Herotiles will be held at SAIE 2018 in Bologna. At Arena of the Piazza del Laterizio and Ceramica (Hall 25), some of the Life Herotile project partners will show the latest research results a few months before the end of the project.


10:30 – 14:30: HEROTILE the supervised tile of the LIFE project for energy efficiency and living comfort

10:30: Project Presentation | Mario Cunial, LIFE-HEROTILE project Coordinator (DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION)

11:00: The effectiveness of the ventilation of pitched roofs with the new Herotile | Giovanni Zannoni, Università degli Studi di Ferrara (DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION)

11:30: Ca’del Bosco, the Italian’ demonstrator ‘building | Nicola Scialoia, ACER Reggio Emilia (DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION)

12:00: European Funds for Industry | Paolo Neri, Warrant Group S.r.l. (DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION)